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Werner Ruhnau - Space, Play and the Arts

The architect Werner Ruhnau walked the line between the arts. World famous for his Gelsenkirchen Musical Theatre (1959) on which he worked with Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely and Norbert Kricke among others, he was also an active artistic and stage director.

The creative dialogue between architecture, the visual arts and technology shaped his complete works. On the occasion of Werner Ruhnau's 85th birthday this publication delivers a first comprehensive compendium of his works stretching from his revival of the medieval “Bauhütte” (shed) idea in the fifties through his Olympic Spielstraße (play street) in Munich (1972) to more recent projects. An extensive interview with the architect vividly traces the development of Ruhnau's career and his working method. This is illustrated by comprehensive and partly as yet unpublished graphic and reprint material. The publication, replenished by an essay by aesthetician Bazon Brock, provides a symphony of sensuous pages to leaf through or read: an invitation to rediscover a fascinating "building artist".

Editor: Stadt Gelsenkirchen/M:AI
Author: Dorothee Lehmann-Kopp
256 Pages with 160 Images, Softcover, Euro 29.80
ISBN 978-3-939633-13-6